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A forum for Eiffel 65 fans to discuss aspects of the group, and music in general./ Un forum per i fan Eiffel 65 per discutere gli aspetti del gruppo, e la musica in generale.

    Rules of the Forum.

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    Rules of the Forum. Empty Rules of the Forum.

    Post by Nel Blu on Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:47 am

    Rules and Guidelines of this forum:

    Disclaimer: This is an unofficial forum, meaning that I, and any other administrators of this forum have no formal affiliation with Eiffel 65, the Bliss Corporation, or related entities. Official questions regarding the aforementioned organizations, or copyright issues should be taken up with verified official sources.

    -Do not behave inappropriately on this forum.
    -Do not swear or use vulgarities within your posts.
    -Do not use this forum as a means for advertisement. Any user that continually posts spam will be banned.
    -Avatars must be appropriate images, anything otherwise will be removed without immediate notice.
    -Any post, comment, or text that invades any individual's privacy will be removed.

    *Users that repeatedly violate the above rules meet the criteria for being temporarily or permanently banned.

    -Behave civilly to other members and guests in this forum.
    -The language of this forum is English, but posts in any language are welcome. Perhaps in the future, there will be separate forums for separate languages; thank you for your patience.

    [When viewing posts, at the very bottom of the page you will find links leading to posts not on this forum. They may contain similar titles, but are just meant to be an advertisement to other forums on this website. Myself, and other members of this forum will not be held responsible for content of links that lead off of this forum.]

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